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    Deck Banlist And Card Regulations

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    Deck Banlist And Card Regulations

    Post by King Ryota on Mon May 26, 2014 4:45 am

    2x Level 4 or lower monsters
    1x Level 5 and higher
    1x Extra Deck
    1x Spells and Traps

    Cards that require multiples of themselves may be ran at 3.
    Any deck that requires an excessive amount of Level 5 or higher monsters may be allowed to run them at 2 with permission. Any deck that you feel needs more copies of a single card may be compromised with the Higher Powers.
    Cards that have evolutions (Ex. Accel Synchro, Assault Mode, Chaos Number, etc.) Must be developed into.

    Taken Archetypes

    Available Number Count

    Banned Cards:
    Your Mom
    Number 39: Utopia
    Egyptian Gods
    Final Countdown
    Jackpot 7
    Dark Hole
    Torriental Tribute
    Magnum Shield
    Solemn Warning
    Volcanic Wall
    Wicked Gods
    Sacred Beasts
    Signer Dragons(Special)
    New Orders
    Yang Zing
    Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon
    Ultimaya Tzolk'in
    Beelzeus of the Ultimate Diabolic Dragons
    Shooting Quasar Dragon
    Ritual Beasts

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